even if it's not the same kind of fun everyone else is having."
- C. S. Lewis

I'm a lifestyle photographer from Southern Maine that specializes in Small Business Branding Photography, Personalized Portraits for Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, and High School Seniors, and generally taking pictures of people having fun and loving life. And pictures of my dog!!!




MEET sarah

I'm a small town girl, living in Maine with my bearded husband, our two cats, and our golden retriever. We're cozy together in a renovated 1920's farmhouse, with plans to build a cabin in the woods on my family's land.


When I'm not doing photography, I'm also a part-time cardiac nurse, an essential oils addict, an amateur baker who looooveeeees carbs and gluten (but tries to eat clean!), a high school basketball coach, an auntie (!!!), and a homebody - but I also try to talk Chris into as many trips a year as possible. I also am a brain tumor survivor, and I'm planning on talking a lot more about that on the blog, so be sure to look over there to hear that whole story!

While I love a pretty picture as much as the next photographer, I'm more interested in telling your story. Whether I'm photographing your products or employees, your senior portraits,  or your products for instagram, my focus is on finding what makes you unique and helping you share that through your photos!

To get to know me more & see more of my work, explore this page & head over to the blog! If you're ready to book your session or want a little more information, use the contact form below and say hi! 

These are a few of my favorite things :

warm mornings 
day hikes 
cheesy pizza 
instant film 
harry potter
natural living
Golden retrievers
small businesses
pine trees

learning to garden
music & concerts
essential oils
time with my people
home design
my husband's beard
frothy coffees
weekend getaways
happy people



Your photos have taken our business to the next level. You’ve given us consistency in our branding, helped us tell our story, and helped us identify which parts of our story are important. We love the way you see the world, Sarah.

way you see the world"

"We love the

smith's leather balm
Small business photography

These are not the typical static senior pictures most people receive - her unique style put an artistic twist on the shoot, and I couldn’t have loved it more. Her friendly personality also made being in front of the camera so much more comfortable. The amount of photos you receive for the price is amazing, but the quality of the shots are even better. I've been telling everyone to go to her!

loved it more."

"I couldn't have

class of 2018

"Not only did she manage to keep me calm on my crazy day, but she delivered my photos quickly and they were beyond my expectations. She sees things that other people do not, and her attention to detail is amazing. One of the best decisions I made."


"... Beyond my

Anna and Tyler
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