December 9, 2015

The first blog.

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This is scary. I don’t really know what I’m doing here, on this “website” and “blog” that I made a few minutes ago.

I’ve made blog posts for my internship before, but I’ve never made one for myself!

There’s so many thoughts and emotions holding me back from truly diving in to my photography business. I don’t know anything about small business, I don’t know if I want to do weddings, I don’t know who my ideal clients are, I don’t think anyone will want to hire me…. but screw all that stuff!

I’ve recently started following the Rising Tide Society, and this week is their first ever Rising Tide Summit, which is an online webinar series for creative entrepreneurs. It started last night, and I already feel so inspired and motivated to keep working!

So friends, bear with me. I’m anticipating many growing pains, dumb mistakes, and hopefully a few successes as I make my way through this photography journey. I can’t wait to meet more people an make more friends along the way.


If you decide to follow along, plan on seeing blogs from my shoots, blogs of my cats, and blogs of my life. My goal is to use this page as a way to connect with you!


See you soon,


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