August 3, 2016

Jeffrey + Shelby’s Cottage By the Bay Wedding

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Hi, Friends!

I had been hoping that one of my seniors would eventually come back to me as a bride, but I never thought it would be so soon! I’m so happy that Shelby asked me to photograph her wedding to Jeff at Cottage By the Bay. Their day was so sweet, full of love and support from so many family and friends.

Shelby and Jeff, your love for each other and your desire to follow God’s direction in your life was so evident throughout your wedding day! Enjoy these precious moments together during your new beginning as husband and wife. I hope that one day you’ll be showing these photographs to your grandchildren, telling them stories about when you were young and crazy, and remembering your perfect day together.


Venue: Cottage By The Bay

Photography: Sarah La Croix

Cake: Family Friend

Hair: Tresses

Gown: Blush Bridal

DJ: BTE Entertainment

Shelby and Jeff Blog-22Shelby and Jeff Blog-52Shelby and Jeff Blog-69Shelby and Jeff Blog-2Shelby and Jeff Blog-1Shelby and Jeff Blog-3Shelby and Jeff Blog-5Shelby and Jeff Blog-4Shelby and Jeff Blog-7Shelby and Jeff Blog-11Shelby and Jeff Blog-12Shelby and Jeff Blog-10Shelby and Jeff Blog-9Shelby and Jeff Blog-6Shelby and Jeff Blog-13Shelby and Jeff Blog-8Shelby and Jeff Blog-15Shelby and Jeff Blog-14Shelby and Jeff Blog-16Shelby and Jeff Blog-18Shelby and Jeff Blog-17Shelby and Jeff Blog-19Shelby and Jeff Blog-20Shelby and Jeff Blog-21Shelby and Jeff Blog-24Shelby and Jeff Blog-23Shelby and Jeff Blog-25Shelby and Jeff Blog-27Shelby and Jeff Blog-28Shelby and Jeff Blog-26Shelby and Jeff Blog-31Shelby and Jeff Blog-33Shelby and Jeff Blog-29Shelby and Jeff Blog-38Shelby and Jeff Blog-35Shelby and Jeff Blog-30Shelby and Jeff Blog-37Shelby and Jeff Blog-34Shelby and Jeff Blog-40Shelby and Jeff Blog-36Shelby and Jeff Blog-42Shelby and Jeff Blog-48Shelby and Jeff Blog-43Shelby and Jeff Blog-41Shelby and Jeff Blog-44Shelby and Jeff Blog-32Shelby and Jeff Blog-53Shelby and Jeff Blog-39Shelby and Jeff Blog-54Shelby and Jeff Blog-50Shelby and Jeff Blog-55Shelby and Jeff Blog-45Shelby and Jeff Blog-49Shelby and Jeff Blog-47Shelby and Jeff Blog-62Shelby and Jeff Blog-58Shelby and Jeff Blog-60Shelby and Jeff Blog-57Shelby and Jeff Blog-51Shelby and Jeff Blog-56Shelby and Jeff Blog-68Shelby and Jeff Blog-70Shelby and Jeff Blog-64Shelby and Jeff Blog-72Shelby and Jeff Blog-61Shelby and Jeff Blog-71Shelby and Jeff Blog-46Shelby and Jeff Blog-59Shelby and Jeff Blog-73Shelby and Jeff Blog-67Shelby and Jeff Blog-63Shelby and Jeff Blog-74Shelby and Jeff Blog-66Shelby and Jeff Blog-77Shelby and Jeff Blog-76Shelby and Jeff Blog-65Shelby and Jeff Blog-75

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  1. Allison

    August 3rd, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    Love love love this wedding! So beautiful.

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