January 29, 2018

What’s Next for Sarah La Croix Photography – A 2018 Update

Hello, friends, and happy (late) 2018!

You may have noticed it’s been a little bit more quiet over here in Sarah La Croix Photography land than usual over the last few months, and I’d like to tell you why!

2017 was a great year for my little baby photography business in a lot of ways. I focused most of my energy on weddings, and I ended up tripling the number of weddings that I had shot in 2016. I got to travel for a few of them and see a lot of friends along the way.



I am so thankful for the couples that trusted me to document their wedding days for them over the past two years! I learned so much about myself and grew a lot in my photography style over the summer, and it led me to where I am now.



I’m going to be pivoting the direction of my business in 2018, and I won’t be shooting any weddings this year. It took me a long time, a lot of thinking, and a lot of praying to come to this decision, and I’m really confident and excited for it now. I won’t go into the specifics here on the internet, although I’d be happy to talk to you about them over coffee sometime!


That being said, here’s what I’m so ready to move forward with in 2018 –

Creative Storytelling for Small Businesses

I’m going to be working with Small Businesses and telling their unique stories through photography. This is such a passion of mine, and I can’t wait to jump into it! I believe quality imagery can do so much for a business by bringing life to their work on the internet. My goal is to help entrepreneurs of all kinds – makers, bloggers, bakers, baristas, shop owners, dreamers & doers – showcase their work, and also let the world see the people behind the products and share their heart & lives.


If you’ve been following along with my instagram at all over the last month or so, you’ve already seen a bit of my work for one of my first clients-turned-friends, Shane & Mandy Smith, the creator of Smith’s Leather Balm! It’s been such a blast to work with them throughout their first quarter of existence and watch their baby business explode onto the scene.


I’m going to be honest – this has been a big, scary step for me. It’s weird and freaky to turn away from what you thought you were building your business towards and walk in a new direction, but every step I’ve taken so far has felt so right.


In addition to working with small businesses, I’m planning on continuing to work with seniors, couples, and possibly even some maternity and newborn shoots! I’m walking into this season with an open mind, and expectantly praying that God brings my people to me along the way.



There will be more to come in the weeks ahead, but for now, know that I’m excited and ready for this new year and everything that is to come!


If you are a small business owner, maker, baker, blogger, or just someone who would like their images to fit a little better with their personality and help to tell their story, let’s talk! <3

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  1. Brittany Ballinger

    January 29th, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    Sarah, this is amazing. I’m so excited for you!

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