January 30, 2016

Why Weddings?

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Hi friends!

This is going to be a deeply personal post, and I’m going to talk about my faith. I do not mean for this to be offensive in any way, I simply wish to be transparent with my mission for my business. 🙂

Steph + Jay-4104

It doesn’t take much digging on my blog or website to discover that I have not been a professional photographer for a very long time. I have been a photographer for a long time though, and throughout the years I’ve taken lots of terrible photographs and a couple really great ones. I’ve done free shoots and I’ve done paid shoots, and I’ve landed in this place in time ready to truly begin my wedding photography business.

As a Christ-follower, I knew that if I was going to pursue a new business venture it would need to be something that would glorify God and edify others. For a while, I struggled with this. I knew I loved photography because I loved creating beautiful images, but did the world really need this? Did God actually want me to do this? Does me taking pretty pictures truly help anyone, or point others to God? What could I possibly bring to an industry so saturated with incredible talent?

Without really having an answer to those questions, I dove into the photography world as quickly and completely as I knew how – I started following EVERY photographer I could find on Facebook and instagram. I followed business accounts and personal accounts, soaking in as much as I could about the life of a “full-time photographer.” I completed an internship with Alicia of  Alicia Ann Photographers which gave me the hands-on experience that I so desperately craved, as well as priceless knowledge from one of the industry’s best (thanks again, Alicia!). I started following the Rising Tide Society, a group of encouraging creative entrepreneurs and amazing professionals in the wedding industry who are always sharing their experiences and knowledge online.

After completely filling all of my social media accounts with photographer overload, I felt excited and encouraged, but also terrified and overwhelmed. I know so little compared to so many, but I am so motivated and ready to learn more, shoot more, and do more! I also heard exactly what I didn’t know I needed to hear. From a few different wedding professionals, I heard how they use their business as a means to bless their couples for God’s glory – not just by photographing their wedding, but by investing in their marriage.

I believe that God uses marriages as a picture of His own unconditional love for us. Wedding photographers have the unbelievable privilege of creating actual physical photographs that capture that love for the couples they serve. On my own wedding day, I realized that I spend just as much time with my photographers (The Spragues – one of the sweetest husband + wife teams out there) on my wedding day as I did with my husband! The photographer you choose for your wedding day ends up having so much more of an impact on your day than most people probably realize, and now I’m realizing that I can have an impact in the time surrounding the wedding as well.



Just me hanging out with my wedding photographers, Dan and Kate Sprague, on my wedding day. Love you guys! <3

I know this post is a little rambley, but it’s been weighing heavy on my heart lately. I want the couples who are interested in potentially hiring me to know that I’m not just in it for the pictures – although I absolutely LOVE capturing the most beautiful photos I can! – but I’m really more interested in their relationship with their new spouse and blessing them in any and every way I possibly can.



Sarah La Croix Photography Mission Statement

To capture the love of each couple on the most important day of their lives through photographs, and to serve them in their relationship through the wedding planning process, the wedding day, and the years to follow. 

Sarah La Croix Photography Vision Statement

To become recognized as a leading wedding photographer in New England who is known for both her photographs and her service to her clients.


Thanks for reading,

Sarah <3


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  1. Jo

    January 30th, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    I am SO happy for you.

  2. Whitney Shortt

    February 3rd, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    Love to hear your heart for your business and hope it grows and you’re able to have an incredible impact on the couples you get to work with!

  3. mauracf

    February 3rd, 2016 at 3:35 pm

    beautifully said!

  4. Linnie

    February 3rd, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    I think this is wonderful and a big HUG from another Rising Tider 🙂

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